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GT 800 Rotor Blender High Power

GT 800 Rotor Blender  High Power Motors- Two different motors are available. The stronger one is built for a power consumption of up to 800 Watt for continuous operation or about 1500 Watt peak. The other type withstands a continuous power consumption of up to 550 Watt or about 1000 Watt peak. With the 4 l containers, or hard to blend mixtures, we recommend to use the version with the stronger motor, the GT800. A safety switch and the electronic monitoring protect the motor from overloading and overheating. The motors are high temperature resistant. The electronics limits the maximum speed to ensure a longer life of the machine and the containers Containers- The large 4 litre jars are ideally suited for the preparation of larger quantities of salad dressings, warm sauces, mayonnaise, soups, custards, cake batters, fruit drinks, cocktails, milkshakes, etc. For smaller amounts, containers with a capacity of 2 litres are available. These containers are also ideal for bars, are stackable and allow, among others, perfect blending of special drinks like smoothies, containing a lot of ice, frozen fruits or ice cream Our jars (see illustrations) 1 Polycarbonate 2 l light, transparent, stackable ( recommended) 2 Stainless steel 2 l very robust, for highest demands on hygiene, stackable ( recommended) 3 Polycarbonate 4 l light, transparent, new design for faster process 4 Stainless steel 4 l very robust, for highest demands on hygiene Technical data Type GT800 GT550 Max. power consumption 800 W, ~1500 W peak 550 W, ~1000 W peak Power supply 230–240 V or 120 V, 50–60 Hz Speed infinitely variable, 500–17000 rpm Net weight without container 5,3 kg 4,4 kg

Rotor bar Blender jar Bar Blender (BB4)

Rotor bar Blender jar Bar Blender (BB4) Cutting head with 4 blades, for gentle mixing and fine pureeing. Less splashing at start. Code :1121.307 Original : Rotor- Switzerland

Rotor Blender GK900

Rotor Blender GK900 • with container capacities of 2 and 4 liter Rotor Gastronomy GK900 – our powerful model developed especially for the commercial kitchen. The blender features 900W continuous power, but may temporarily even provide about 1600W, and is still very quiet. The variable speed is infinitely adjustable. The upper part of the motor base has been designed for easy cleaning. Of course, this model also has a protective device with monitoring of the lid, as required for commercial kitchen blenders according to strict CE regulations. The big 4 liter jars, made of stainless steel or polymer, are ideally suited for the preparation of larger quantities of salad dressings, warm sauces, mayonnaise, porridge, soups, custards, cake batters, but also for smoothies, fruit drinks, cocktails, milkshakes etc. For smaller amounts, jars with a capacity of 2 liters, made either of polymer or stainless steel, are available. The high performance blades even crush ice cubes to frozen snow Polymer 2l or 4l, light, handy, transparent Jar , Stainless steel 2l, very robust, for highest demands on hygiene Model GK900 Jar 2l/4l Polymer Jar 2l/4l Stainless Technical data Max. power consumption 900W continuous /~1600Wpeak Power supply 230 to 240 V Speed infinitely variable, 1000 to 17’000 rpm Net weight (kg) 5,1 0,9 1 1,5 1,9 Width (max. Ømm) 191 234 288 225 282 Height (mm) 226/517 without/incl. rod 280 300 280 300

Rotor Blender GK910

Colour: chrome / black
Voltage: 230V
Continuous power: 950W
Peak power: 1700W
Speed control: 1’000-17’000 rpm
Control: High Dynamic Drive, variable speed,
Containers: 2- or 4-litre capacity, in polymer or stainless steel. Cutter head HP4 with 4 blades, or HP6 with 6 blades.

Rotor Blender GK950 High Dynamic Drive

Rotor Blender GK950 High Dynamic Drive

The GK950 has a “High Dynamic Drive”,. a microprocessor-controlled, powerful drive with a fully digital controller. Thanks to 950 watts of continuous power and a peak of approx. 1700W, optimal processing quality is possible with minimum expenditure of time. With the boost pulse with extra-high speed, even the finest smoothies glow.

The 2- or 4-liter blender cups are either made of unbreakable plastic or high-quality stainless steel. They have an efficient, detachable high power knife head with 4 or 6 blades.

This model has a protective device with monitoring of the lid, as required for commercial blenders according to CE and IEC standards.

The robust, commercial blender Rotor Gastronom GK950 is the most versatile model of the powerful commercial kitchen mixers with 4- or 2-liter cups. With “Touch or Turn” ® for simple, intuitive operation with the conventional rotary knob, or via self-explanatory touch display. Timer, stopwatch, boost pulse and other automatic functions for fast processing are available.
Color: Chrome / Black
Voltage: 230V
Continuous: 950W
Excellence: 1700W
Speed controlled: 1’000-17’000 rpm
Control: High Dynamic Drive, variable speed, automatic programs, timer, pulse, touch or turn®
Shaker: Content 2 or 4 liters, made of polymer or stainless steel. Knife head HP4 with 4 blades, or HP6 with 6 blades.

Rotor Cutting head with 6 blades

Cutting head with 6 blades, for intense, fast processing and very fine pureeing. Effortlessly crushes ice. Original – Rotor Lip -Switzerland High Power 6 (HP6) code :1121.307 COMMERCIAL stainless steel cutting heads for all GK and RMB blenders

Rotor Jar cutting head with 4 blades Assembly (HP4) High Power

Cutting head with 4 blades, for intense and fast processing. Crushes ice cubes. Easy to clean Blender Blade Replacement High Power (HP4) Code :1121.306 Original – Rotor Lip -Switzerland COMMERCIAL stainless steel cutting heads for all GK and RMB blenders Most recommended

Rotor Sanamat commercial Juice extractor

Sanamat Inox commercial juice extractor Rotor Juice extractor Rotor Sanamat Inoxm The compact juicer Sanamat Inox is built for the daily use right in front of the customer: in bars, restaurants, coffee-shops, tearooms, hotel, Juice cocktails unlimited Live your phantasy: make juices with local or exotic fruits and all sorts of vegetables. Also sophisticated juice cocktails can be prepared in front of your clients , All consumers know: Only juices directly from the fresh fruits and vegetables are purely natural, without any preservatives and chemical additives! Powerful and efficient The Sanamat Inox is a compact commercial juice extractor with continuous pulp ejection into the included large container. The machine separates the juice and the pulp excellently because of the perfect sealing system. High quality design, silent • The motor housing is also made of polished stainless steel. • The support for the juice collecting bowl is made of highgrade, noise-absorbing plastic material. • The machine is driven directly by a heavy duty, ventilator cooled high power motor. • The plunger is made of unbreakable hard-polyethylene. Model Rotor Sanamat Inox (RSI) Article number 1216.00x Power supply 230V/50Hz/3A or 120V/60Hz/5A Max. power 600W continuous operation/~1100W peak Speeds 5500 up to 7200rpm Net weight 7.6 kg Made in Switzerland.

Rotor Vitamat Inox RV Juicer

The new Rotor Vitamat Inox high-performance juicer is convincing with its robustness, simplicity and substantially increased productivity.The Vitamat Inox is based on a special motor manufactured by Rotor Lips, which rotates substantially faster than other commercial juicers. For this reason the unit has a better juice yield and works quicker.Furthermore optimal output is enabled by the two different speeds, a lower one for soft fruit and a higher one for hard fruits and vegetables. Drive is direct via the powerful, temperature-resistant motor with robust special ball bearings. Juice flowing without interruption With its subtle geometry, the new Vitamat Inox is significantly less inclined to clog, and thank to the selectable speed can even juice apples excellently. The pomace is automatically ejected directly into the large container or via an optional stainless steel funnel into a waste bin below the counter. The pulp container supplied with the unit is made of high-quality break-resistant plastic and has a capacity of 12 litres. Safe despite high speed The solid lid is secured with a pivoting bracket. If this is opened, the power supply cuts out. The spinning basket is furthermore solidly screwed to the drive shaft. A solid device circuit breaker protects the motor from overload and overheating. Model Rotor Vitamat Inox R or H (RVI.R / RVI.H) Article number Version R: 1210.01x / Version H: 1210.04x Voltage 230 V/ 50 Hz/5,0 A or 120 V/60 Hz/7,2 A Power 900 W continuous operation /~ 1600 W Peak Processing capacity Depending on the product, up to approx. 200 kg apples or 150 kg carrots per hour Speeds 5000 or 5600 U/min Dimensions 472×272×610mm Net weight 16,5 kg

Whipping disk for Rotor Blender Jar

Whipping and mixing without cutting Code: 1121.305 COMMERCIAL stainless steel cutting heads for all GK and RMB blenders Rotor Original Switzerland